Established in 2008, TBH Group begun as a stand-alone business operating one 24 hour gym to a diverse group of over 50 companies from 8 different industry sectors specializing in the areas of franchising, health & wellness, children’s nutrition & education, pre & post natal health & nutrition, hospitality & property. TBH Group is Australian owned and proud to be focused on improving the health and wellness of the next generation of youth as well as financial freedom for everyday people through a variety of passive investment pathways.

The brands that make up TBH Group are: Snap Fitness 24/7, City Cave Wellness Centres, Diamond Cut Wholesale Meats, Acai Brothers Superfoods Bar, Designline (TBH Design & Print), Muzzbuzz Drive Thru Coffee and Muzz Buzz Podz, Dogi Daycare and TBH Business Consultants.

TBH Group offer business services for new and established companies that are either looking for external advice and coaching or smaller businesses that are looking to outsource key areas such as accounting, legal, marketing, operations and HR support.  TBH Group offer support on all aspects of business operations and allowing small business owners the ability to focus in their business rather than the structure around their business.

The focus for 2018 is back to grass roots with a heavy focus on infant nutrition, adult wellness, mental health, business diversification and investments.